What is the Calcium nitrate?
2014-08-11 15:39:10

    A white crystalline. There are two kinds of crystals. Hygroscopic. The thermal decomposition of - 132 ℃. Soluble in water, ethanol, methanol and acetone,almost insoluble in concentrated nitric acid. The relative density of α 1.896β - type 1.82. Melting point 42.7 ℃ alpha, beta - 39.7 ℃. Low toxicity, LD50 (rat, oral) 3900mg/kg. Oxidizing, heat release oxygen, organic matter, sulfur in the combustion and explosio

CAS NO:10124-37-5

Chinese alias: calcium nitrate (agricultural), anhydrous calcium nitrate

English Name: Calcium nitrate anhydrous

English alias: CALCIUM ICP STANDARD; CALCIUM NITRATE; CA (NO3) 2;calcium (II) nitrate (1:2); calciumionchromatographystdsol.fluka; calciumsaltpeter;limesaltpeter; nitricacid, calciumsalt; nitrocalcite; norgesaltpeter; norwaysaltpeter;norwegiansaltpeter; saltpeter[norway]; synfat1006; Norwegian saltpetre; CalciumICP standard concentrate 1000 g Ca; CALCIUM NITRATE SOLUTION; Calciumnitrate trihydrate, 99.999%; CALCIUM (II) NITRATE

EPA chemical information: Nitric acid, calcium salt (10124-37-5)

Acute toxicity in rats: oral LD50: 302 mg / kg


Poison material data: 10124-37-5 (Hazardous Substances Data)