Expanding training sun stone company all staff
2014-07-21 11:44:29

In October 28, 2009 -11 month 3 days, the development of Coal Chemical Industry Bureau and the sun stone company all staff as well as the chemical company cadres who carried out a total of 55 training five days in ShijiazhuangLake Zhongshan Liyuan training center.

The training is the theme of "enhancing the quality of the individual, creating excellent team". All the players are divided into three groups, respectively named"phoenix", "sword team" and "eagles". From six thirty to eleven thirty in the evening exercise daily, training. Teams have successfully completed the trust fall,the air bridge, hanging by a thread, and the grid, grasping bar height, climb theladder, survival island, secretly lurking, graduation wall and other training programs, and combined with the practice of work sharing project experience.

In the whole process of training, everyone's enthusiasm is aroused, expand training step by step to make players heart open, ready to embrace every person around me. After the expansion, the players more deep feelings to the "loyalty,trust, responsibility, team, understanding, tolerance, dedication" the hiddenmeaning. Training summary, we have said to the development of training and the experience of the results fully applied to the usual work, actively to challenge themselves, beyond the self, to strengthen communication and cooperation between each other, and make the greatest contribution to the coal chemicalindustry group company.