The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee promulgated eight regulations
2014-07-21 14:03:54


-- to improve the investigation and study, to basic research to understand thereal situation, summarize experience, guide the research questions, solve problems, work, learn from the masses, learning to practice, many of the samemass discussion, many cadres to talk, much discussion, more typical, morefocused, more difficulties and contradictions of opinions of the masses places to go, not as a mere formality, formalism; to travel with light luggage and few attendants, accompanied by a decline, simplify the reception, do not posthanging banners, not arrange the masses and not laying carpet, welcome, notplaced flowers, not arrange banquets.

-- to streamline meetings, to improve the wind, strictly control the meetingnational various to on behalf of the Central Committee held and major eventsheld, without the work deployment and the demands of the general will, withoutcentral approval will not attend all kinds of ribbon, the foundation activities andcelebration, commemoration, commendation, fairs, seminars and various forums;improving the actual effect, short will open, speak briefly, avoid empty words,cliches.

-- to streamline the presentation of documents, and improve the style of the article, there is no substance, may not send documents, briefing will not be made.

-- to standardize the visits, from the overall diplomacy needs reasonable arrangement of visits, strictly control the visit to the accompanying staff,transportation tools in strict accordance with the provisions of generalarrangement, not Chinese funded institutions, overseas Chinese, student representatives were at the airport to welcome.

-- to improve security work, stick to the principle of ties with the masses, to reduce the traffic control, generally not blocking the road, not cleared for.

-- to improve news reports, the Central Political Bureau comrades attended the meeting and activities should be according to the needs of the work, the social effect, news value determines whether the reported number, further compression, reports, long words.

-- strict manuscript is published, in addition to the central unified arrangements,personal not published works, speech booklet, don't send congratulatory letter,telegram, not the inscription, the inscription.

-- to practice strict economy, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the strict implementation of clean government, housing, vehicles and other relevantprovisions of the treatment work and life.